3 Major Challenges Men Go Through Before Dating


Hitxmp3.com has recorded some challenge men mostly go through before being accepted or being denied by a girl. Due to these issues, I have compiled some major challenge men go through which some women do not know how men suffer before overcoming it when they finally get accepted or denied.

These problems are mostly being experienced by men which from this articled has consulted and surveyed by men which they have confirmed how difficult it is. These problems have been a hindrance therefore having some negative impact on men such as loneliness, rape, sober etc.…

I know you will be interested in getting all the information or knowing what these challenges are, to me, I know about 70% of men experience these difficulties, and they are;

1. Difficulty in approaching a woman.

2. Shyness

3. Fear of Rejection.

Difficulty in Approaching

With and from my perspective from this particular article, difficulty approaching a woman is the major obstacle men or boys faces in this relationship stuff. Most men or boys are not bold enough to call a woman when passing by but this is not the case of not having the courage.

This is the most difficult step to take before talking to a woman and once a guy complete this step you can witness the flow of ease both the boy and girl can go in the relationship times. This, when a guy overcomes or have the courage to approach a woman maybe to just “hi” this can build the courage to always call her but then when the courage level is low to call her I bet you the reader, it will be very difficult to approach her.

It is even difficult and harder when the person you want to approach is a beautiful girl and cute as you wish for and to start-up a conversation and hoping to date. This particular point is terrifying and a big challenge to men to overcome.


From my research studies and biological studies those who are shy mostly end up in relationship which are poor of quality. This two challenges interrelate each other where shyness will result in difficulty approaching a woman to start-up a conversation.

Most men actually feels shy to talk to women which they have interest in maybe due to their complexities (fair or dark). And shyness also results in low esteem which makes a guy difficult to start-up a conversation.

Shyness can make a guy sight a particular girl for a long time but won’t able to call her, this can be caused by social anxiety or by the social environment in which he lives. I did research on shyness by asking few friends around me, in my area, on campus, and they said it was difficult to overcome that especially to a girl they’ve had a crush on. This shyness actually results in the fear of rejection which is the last point of my article.

Fear of Rejection

This is also a major point which most boys about 70% faces during an approach in relationship. Thus, when a boy sight a particular woman of his interest, the main aim is to talk to her and hope a long-lasting date. But this fear of rejection, i.e. doubting or having in mind that the girl might be in relationship comes in the process to destroy the mindset of the guy. This is a killer monster which is also challenging most men to engage in a relationship.