3 Natural Foods That Makes You Prolong In Bed


In recent times, young and energetic men finds it difficult to please their sex partners regardless of their height or weight. Some men can’t perform better in bed which they sometimes last for one minute which is very bad.

At some argument or another, most men sometimes experience these feelings when in bed with their life partners. These feelings can caused by many factors such as; performance anxiety, stress, premature ejaculation (erectile dysfunction). I assure you not to worry about this in your sex life, whether lasting long or short as long as your partner enjoys or gets satisfied.

You should be happy by now because I have pen down a little piece of information about some natural remedies to these problems in your sex life, so be happy.

Moreover, there are some natural foods (fruits) which are enriched with some essential nutrients to boost your immune system to pump blood to circulate in all the body. You know, more blood in the system make the human body function well. Okay, let us hover to the natural foods that help men to last longer in bed, and these include;

Tiger nuts

Dates nut or fruit

Bitter kola

“So” let us start with the first point;

Tiger nut

From our average person perspective, we are aware that tiger nuts (take) is essential and responsible in producing sperms in the male reproductive system. Tiger not actually has high level nutrients such as arginine and omega 3 acid which aids the blood flow from the heart and circulate to the arteries and straight to the penis.

When there is abundant flow of blood in the penis, it makes erection to be tedious. It actually has the variety of nutrients for the body, and helps to boost the immune system and help fight infections. I recommend you start chewing tiger nuts to help you boost your system to last longer.

Dates fruit or nut

Date nuts are essential in producing the quality of the human sperm and quantity. They are enriched in high calories and the best fruits used in male fertility, they have high fiber and antioxidants and that help reduces risk of disease.

They are rich in amino acids which actually increase the sexual stamina of men, so I recommend that you to eat dates to help you last longer in bed.

Bitter kola

A bitter kola is also a natural fruit that aids in lasting longer in bed. The name do sound bitter but it does wonderful work which is sweeter. It actually aids in increasing blood circulation in the body. And when blood is pumped into the heart it channels it to all the part that needs it.

Thus, the caffeine in bitter kola may speed up the circulation of the blood in the heart, which it increases the circulation, It also helps in boosting the energy levels, it helps kindle the nervous system which increases the energy levels. And all that man need is energy to perform better in bed, so please try eating more of these to help you last longer.