4 Major Facts A Girl Means When she Rejects Relationship Proposals


Some major facts a girl means when she rejects your relationship proposals.

Most at times, some women usually rejects men during proposals that makes the male feel bad. But that is not the major case she just said no to your proposal for fun, there are many reasons that comes together for her to say that to you. If a woman turn you down you can see how the pain feels like, your heart rises and if you don’t consult someone to calm you down you can go crazy. It sometimes turns to nightmare because of one rejection from a particular girl.

Maybe, you can notice a girl stares at you every time but when you try to approach her to propose she will turn you down for no reason when you ask. Guys, women have some reasons and factors they base on to accept a relationship or reject a relationship. Actually, most women base on some specific features of the guy before they even listen to him, some also don’t, so there are many reasons they check before entering into a relationship.

Most women are usually looking for the perfect guy to come into their lives, so if a girl tells or suggest to you, she wants to keep you as a friend or good buddy, then you should know there are things that she means to say to you. Here are some things she actually means to tell you;

She might be confused

You’re not the perfect guy

Fear of heartbreak

She likes to slumber (sleep) around.


She is confused

When you propose to a girl and for about days or weeks she is not accepting or rejecting, it sometimes means she likes you but she is confused. Most women actually don’t give a feedback right after proposal because now they will put everything into consideration decide on that. At times a girl do this to tell you in a way that wait to let her sort some little things out. Also, it can be that she has a guy but also interested in you but it will be difficult to tell straight forward. These means, wait for her to decide, so she gives you the final says. My guys, when you are experiencing this thing, please I advise you to wait patiently, get time for her and one day you’ll win her heart.

You’re not the perfect guy

When a woman delay or tell you she doesn’t want a relationship with you sometimes she simply means you’re not the guy that her heart is looking for. Most women look at all these things before accepting someone into her life, so if you’re still on pending or have been rejected by a girl don’t worry try another girl that likes you. Some women see some guys that they don’t suit them in any way and that is their life, so my guy when you see this please turn around just know you’re not her king in her heart. Try the one that suit you too, and you can be lucky.

Fear of heartbreak again

Actually, some girls have been through a lot of heartbreak challenges and difficulties. And they are sick and tired of guys who come to them to propose of loving them. They see that guy to be a deceiver that he will also come into her a life a play her, due to that most ladies have promised not to give their heart to a man again. That is vow she has promised to herself. But then, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to fall in love or to have a perfect soul mate in her life again. No, she actually needs that when someone shows love to her, but she wants to keep her pain to herself. She doesn’t want to engage in that again, she also doesn’t want to force herself on these things because of her experience.

She likes to slumber (sleep) around

Oh!do you know that some women just likes to have an affair with you but not only to date? Such things do happen to girls, this is as a result of maybe some heart breaks she got or men do not propose to her. Some women sleep around with guys to please themselves but for relationship, they won’t engage in that. Some think they are already spoiled so there is no need to date a man to worry herself.

However, for me, I think when they reject your proposal in this their lifestyle, I guess she cares for you. She doesn’t want you to be in a mess, because she might see to be a good guy. So, move on when you notice a girl of that sort.