4 Things Men Find Unpleasant In Women In A Relationship


There are many lifestyle women sometimes portray in a relationship that men see it to being uncomfortable but just keep quieting. Women actually do things in some way that is imperfect, but they see it normal in a relationship.

Some men have also been quiet not to talk when they see that whilst others to spark up on the woman when they see that from their partner.

These things are unpleasant in relationship and can sometimes result in a problem to both partners, and these things can be misunderstanding, break up, quarrel etc. there are some things that men actually find to be unpleasant from our dear women which they have to do something about it. They should try to bring a stop to it because the men has just blind folded on these things in case they don’t know. These unpleasant lifestyles are;

Too many talks

Intolerance (not being patients)

thinking she knows it all

Fond of lying.

Talking too much

I know you actually know what am I talking about here, yes, man finds it uncomfortable and unpleasant when there in a relationship with talkative. Some women talk too much on some things are not even expected to talk about, they actually have time for that and waste their tie on it. When a responsible man finds this attitude from his partner because of love he doesn’t try to consult her so to create a problem but rather to overlook it. I know you won’t like to date a man or woman who is a real talkative right?

Intolerance (not being patience)

These unattractive attitude is mostly found in women that hate to wait on something but are in a hurry for anything whether negative or positive and sometimes favor them. They don’t care whether the guy will come or will buy for them, and they also insist on the thing they are expecting. They can’t tolerate themselves by waiting patiently on something. It is a one of the characteristics men mostly look out before entering or in a relationship. They base on this point to take some decisions but women don’t know.

They will just realize that they’ve been left by their partner without knowing that they have the spirit of intolerance in them. Men actually find this stuff to be unpleasant to them, so women take note of this because we don’t like this. Change for the better.

She thinks she knows it all

Well, some women think they are wiser and smarter than their partners. What they actually do is to decide and judge on things leaving the male outside. Those women are those categorize under the talkative label, the talk more and thinks what they are talking about makes sense making no more. Ok, then man won’t talk about it because he is studying how you behave and when he sees that to be repellent, then he applies the force.

Men don’t like to argue with such woman in relationship, so they won’t raise their voice on her. I recommend women should lie low and shouldn’t make complacency kill you in your lovely relationship.


Lying is one of the most dangerous killers in a relationship. Women often lie to their partners thinking they don’t have any knowledge about their lies. From an experience, she always lied and I become happy always because I know she is not telling the truth. Some lies are not good to be told to your guy because you know perfectly that you will be caught, but then women will lie. These are some behaviors men don’t find it repellent from their partners.

I hope women will take note of all these and make corrections because we men are laying ambush to fire one day when the time is due.