After saying Nigerian youths are always high on drugs, see what youths wrote on banner for Mojisola

About 2 weeks ago, when members of Lagos State House of Assembly were speaking on how youth behave rudely on social media and how the end SARS protest destroyed a lot of things, a member of Lagos State House of Representatives, Mrs Mojisola Alli-Macaulay talking concerning the issue said that, things have to be done in order to regulate the way youths talk on social media and that, most Nigerian youths are always on weeds and drugs.

Mrs Mojisola Alli-Macaulay said this after his colleague in the house, Desmond Elliot spoke about it and called Nigerian youths children.

However after she said this, some pictures surfaced online and implicated the honorable member that, she diverted Covid-19 palliatives that were given to them to distribute to members of the public was used by the honorable as her own birthday gift which she packaged inside bags for people that attended our birthday.

In lieu of this, some angry youths printed her picture on a banner and wrote under it that,

“Covid-19 palliative diverted for birthday party and that she should be recalled because they don’t want her there anymore.”