Burna Boy need to shut up because Shatta wale is right, one Nigerians says.

According to the Nigerians comedian, Nigeria also fight for what Shatta wale is doing now before.

Shatta Wale is currently hot after calling out Nigerian artistes while on stage performing on December 25, 2021 According to Shatta Wale , he doesn’t look up to any Nigerian singer but he looks up to his loyal fans.

Shatta Wale stated that, Nigerians are not helping Ghanaians in terms of music.

This statement made Nigerians to throw insult to Shatta wale on Social media and end up having beef with his old time friend Burna Boy.

For Shatta Wale, Nigerians get so much love and attention in Ghana while their industry stifles Ghanaian stars from getting traction in their country.

In a series of posts on his Instagram stories on December 31, 2021, Burna has lamented the sentiments shared by his Ghanaian counterparts. Burna Boy wondered why Ghanaians were not calling for the same from South Africa and America when their music is also widely played in Ghana. For him, the conversation started by Shatta Wale was only going to separate us beautiful African nations and go against everything he stands for.


With all this,a Nigeria came up to defend Shatta Wale that he was true but only the way he says it will be wrong. The Nigerians comedian stated that, Nigerians also fight for thesame thing Shatta wale is fighting for. This is the video below 👇👇👇




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