My ‘Daddy’ Sleeps With Me After Exhibiting Me ‘Blue Movie’

A Nigerian man named Mr Charles Ekwe who has been sleeping with a 13-year-old girl subsequent to showing her x-appraised motion pictures has been revealed in Lagos state.

The 13-year-old girl while portraying the despondent story on Wednesday, October 14, claimed that his auntie’s significant other, who she calls ‘Daddy’, would play obscene films for her to see at that point assault her.

She claimed he had been mishandling her explicitly in his store and at their townhouse on Surulere Road, Ojo space of Lagos, with a hazard to slaughter her in the event that she educated anyone.

The disclosure received the capture of the 48-year-old suspect, Mr. Charles Ekwe, whom the victim alludes to as ‘Daddy’, by the sexual orientation based unit of the Nigeria Safety and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, Lagos State Command, Monday, October 12.

has been abiding alongside her auntie since she was 9 years past, after her dad’s death.

She claimed that the speculate strongly infiltrated her whenever when her auntie was far out.

She referenced: “Each time daddy wished to do it, he would introduce me blue film (sexual entertainment) in his phone.

“He did it numerous occasions. I can’t depend the assortment of occasions he did it. I used to be frightened to report back to my aunt because of Daddy took steps to drive me out of the home and execute me in the event that I did.”

The lady’s auntie, Mrs favour Ekwe, seen everything was not appropriately with and scrutinized the lady.

Upon request, the adolescent unveiled how she had purportedly been exposed to sexual maltreatment by her uncle.

Mrs Eke was referenced to have taken to the clinic, the spot a clinical assessment did on her affirmed her hymen harmed.

All through cross examination, the suspect taught NSCDC agents that he exclusively caressed the lady’s private parts. He moreover conceded exposing her to watching erotic entertainment on his phone.

The NSCDC Lagos State Commandant, Mr. Ayeni Paul, though tending to columnists, referenced: “The sexual maltreatment speculate will confront the total fury of the enactment and may be given over to the appropriate organization for extra examination and indictment.

“It is a shocking wrongdoing and all culprits of such, when gotten, may be made to pay the consequences.”

He furthermore referenced “the sex based unit of the Corps burdened with the responsibility of managing assault, home brutality, rape and debasement, notwithstanding adolescent maltreatment conditions, has very much prepared officials to manage such conditions.”

He, because of this reality, charged individuals from the overall population to report such conditions to the order, for arraignment.