Native Doctor Test Gun Protection Medicine On A Goat

Native Doctor Test Gun Protection
Native Doctor Test Gun Protection

A video seen by which is circulating on the internet, where a native doctor casted a spell on a goat to resist gun bullet when it was shot.

This particular video was seen on a WhatsApp status, where the native doctor posted to show his clients how powerful he is. And it was shocking to see that.

After watching the video, he was confronted in his DM and asked what the video was about. He then replied with a voice note saying that “Some clients come to me to seek for gun protection medicine, and after helping them I had to test it on a life goat”.

WhatsApp Chat Replied Through VN

Again, he said, these young guys wanted to see how the medicine would really work. So, he finally decided to use a life goat as a test to show them that he’s really worked it.

In the video, you would see that, he pointed the gun at the goat directly whiles someone was holding the rope firmly, there he opened fire but the bullet didn’t penetrate through the goat. And this make the video too shocking as to how he did that.

And we don’t know how he casted the spell on the life goat to resit the bullet , but also don’t know this might work on a human too.

The native doctor whose name is Oluwo is located in Ogun State, in Nigeria.

Kindly, watch the video below;

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