Photos: Thieves Return Stolen Items After They Were Arrested By Swarm Of Bees

Thieves Arrested by Swarm Of Bees
Thieves Arrested by Swarm Of Bees

Thieves return stolen items after they were arrested by a swarm of bees. A rare incident has taken place in Kenya where a swarm of bees have ‘arrested’ two thieves for stealing some appliances.

According to a post shared on Facebook, the thieves stole a TV set, a gas cooker and a cylinder from Ms Rashida Joweila. Ms Rashida who noticed her items were missing hired the services of a witch doctor in Sofia Village to find the thieves. The thieves identified as Wycliffe Kinara and Richard Duki were attacked by a swarm of bees and were forced to return the stolen items.

“I had never seen bees arresting thieves like it has happened today, they formed what appeared like a real handcuff on one of the suspects, while the other had a TV set stuck on his hands”, an eyewitness revealed. The thieves were in pain when they returned the stolen items to Ms Rashida Joweila followed by a mob who were surprised by the way they were attacked by the bees. The suspects claimed they stole the items due to unemployment.

Kindly, see photos of this rare incident;

shock as swarm of bees-handcuffs suspectedthief

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