Pregnant Woman Hits Her Belly With Hammer To Spoil Her Unborn Baby (Watch Video)

Pregnant Woman Hits Her Belly With Hammer

A pregnant woman captured in video hitting her stomach with hammer with the mindset of spoiling her unborn child or baby in her womb.

This is a video of black ebony heavily pregnant woman who was filmed hitting her stomach with pinch bar hammer to test how strong her unborn child was.

In this video, you can see she has hidden herself in the bathroom with her face also hidden from the camera. She was actually hitting her stomach with the hammer more than fifteen (15) times and we don’t know what has come over her.

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It’s like she actually planned to do this to this innocent baby. She started hitting the belly slowly but as times go on she increased the speed at which she hit the hammer on the stomach.

We are now to investigate what happened before she took this wicked decision and made it viral.

Kindly, watch this shocking video below ;

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