Soldier Tasks Two Stubborn Boys To Slap Each Other For Not Wearing Nose Mask (Watch Video)

Military Man Tasks Two Boys To Slap Each Other In Public

A military soldier man task two boys to slap each other’s in public for not wearing nose mask.

In this particular video, you will notice that the giant military man is instructing the two young guys to hit each other in their face. This shows how the two boys disregarded the protocol said by the President.

In watching this scene, we see that the military man is very serious instructing them to slap each other. Even, one guy who faces the camera wearing multi colored shirt also received a hot slap from the soldier when he gave the other guy a soft slap.

My take, I urge we all take this opportunity to be careful and follow the government’s protocol that he has instructed. This video that shows how the soldier man is descending on these poor guy’s serve as a deterrent to us.

Let us take the protocol serious and put on our nose mask in public and everywhere to avoid this type of humiliation.

Kindly, watch the video that the military man is instructing them…

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