Some Mistakes Men Create That Destroy Their Relationships


I’m back again to share my thoughts on this very topic about men committing in their relationships. Again, please pardon for my grammar I use here, I’m not a perfect writer as I said earlier in my previous article on some reasons men cheat in relationships.

In most relationships I have experience or come across, there a some mistakes that men usually create to destroy their relationships which they don’t know. That is, most men see those mistakes to be something normal and ordinary which they don’t even consider before doing it. As a result of these faults they make, can put an end to their beautiful relationships. However, these mistakes can be known when you are done reading this article so you make sturdy in your current relationship.

All these reasons I am about to state here are something you see to be common in relationship but I tell not to joke with it because it can actually destroy your relationship. These are;

Attitudinal change

lying in relationships

presenting of wrong gifts to her partner (over and over)

Not being always available

Attitudinal change

This is very common in men and I don’t really know why such a thing happen from the instinct. That is, before the relationship was in construction, everything was normal but then when everything goes through some men change their attitude toward the girl. Usually, most men show the greatest loves and attention to the woman at the fresh start, but when the relationship is successful you would see the man now say excuses of some things. When these things are going on in your relationship can halt your relationship once.

Lying in relationship

Other utmost reasons why men usually destroy their relationship which they weren’t ready for it. Yes, some men are good at lying in such a way that you will believe everything they say but when the woman finds out can result in so many problems. Actually, women hate lies, what their need is, to tell them the truth, so they can help find solution or to stay away from you. “So” the more you lie to them, and they keep finding out that you are lying to them, this can end your relationship career with her. They do study all those things so please be careful and be truthful to your partner to avoid break up.

Presenting of wrong gifts

Some men actually commit mistakes when buying or surprising their partner with a gift. Sometimes it’s not actually the man’s fault to buy wrong gifts but it can be the knowledge he lacks in woman products. Most men don’t know much in women wear and stuffs, so they go to town to buy wrong item for the woman as surprise and it turns out to cause chaos. When this act is always going on buying wrong gifts over and over will make the woman lose interest and this can end your relationship with her.

You and I know how women are emotional and complicated, they can even give you the wrong specification to buy and rather put all the problems on you. Please, be careful and watch you present gifts to your partners to make the relationship a successful one.

Not being available for her

A woman who is truly in love with you, loves everything of you always wants you by her side or wants you to be available for her. Woman wants a guy who will die for them in terms of anything but then if you are a guy and you keep yourself busy in a relationship can break your relationship. I mean, most guys keep themselves busy at work or with friends than to be with the partner. As the result of this, the partner always studies and put into consideration to halt the relationship.

All these problems are mistakes that men create when in relationships which they sometimes don’t realize it’s going to hunt them one day. Let’s take note and learn to do the right thing in our relationships.