Woman Caught Pretending To Be Pregnant To Seek For Help In The Hospital (Watch Video)

Woman Caught Pretending To Be Pregnant
Woman Caught Pretending To Be Pregnant

Shocking video was captured when a young girl was caught pretending to be pregnant to seek for help in the hospital.

A 25-year old woman who is in need of help was caught by nurses pretending to pregnant all in the name of poverty. The woman came to the hospital maternity’s office to lie to them that she was transferred from a different hospital to attend to them because she didn’t 3,500Naira to pay the specialist.

According to nurses, they tried to examine the pregnancy thoroughly but unfortunately were caught pretending all these while to extort money from people who try to help her.

The women decided not to report her to the police, but rather to help her, so she should confess. The lady did confess that she stays in the street, and she always does that to collect money from people. In the video, she was asked to lead them to her family, and she admitted that she has a family and she will take them to her family.

Also, she was asked to undress the faked belly one by one to see how she is naturally without being faked. The women did well to feed her and gave her different dress to wear. And, you can see how she was hungry and suffering in the street.

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However, social media users were being judgmental in this situation whilst other were sympathizing with the young girl.

Kindly, watch the video and leave your comments below.


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